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IAMA 031215 TB TTa A1 Q1 Book

–]Universu 2 points 41 minutes ago
What is you favorite book?

[–]ToryBruno[F,S] 6 points 27 minutes ago
Once and Future King

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IAMA 031215 TB TTk TT A1 Q1 Book

[–]Universu 7 points 7 hours ago
What is your favorite book?

[–]TiffaniThiessen[F,S] 16 points 7 hours ago
Well, it’s funny, I’m not a traditional book person. My husband reads a ton of books. So we have a
plethora of books. But the books that I read are cookbooks, or books that I’m reading out loud to my

IAMA 031215 TB TTl TT A2 Q2 Chef

[–]Universu 4 points 7 hours ago
Iron Chef, Master Chef, Top Chef and who’s your favorite chef?

[–]TiffaniThiessen[F,S] 8 points 6 hours ago
That’s hard. I would probably have to say, it’s a toss between – that’s so hard, I watch all 3 of ’em!
I watch more TOP CHEF and MASTER CHEF. So it’s probably a toss-up between those 2.

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IAMA 030615 MPa A1 Q1 R1 Live

[–]Universu 1 point an hour ago
What advise can you give to people to live despite all of the unfavorable odds?

[–]GhostBoyMartin[F,S] 2 points an hour ago
What advise can you give to people to live despite all of the unfavorable odds?
Life can be really tough and I have enormous compassion for people who have to struggle and fight
against the odds. I would say that there is always hope no matter how faint and distant it may seem. I
also don’t think there is anything wrong with feeling hopeless the key is not to get stuck in that
feeling – one way or another, nothing lasts forever. Enjoy life as much as possible. You can learn to
appreciate the small simple, yet most important things in life: being together with the people you
love, the feel of warm sunshine on your skin, the taste of food you love, the sound of music. Most
people nowadays are caught up with always looking forward, never being in the moment and I think that
illness and adversity are hard experiences which can also teach you about the beauty of life – the
beauty of the moment. Those of us who get to learn this are lucky in many ways.

[–]Universu 1 point an hour ago
“Living the Moment”. A Very Inspiring Message:) Thanks!

IAMA 030615 MPb A2Q2 Family

[–]Universu 1 point an hour ago
How is family life and raising children?

[–]GhostBoyMartin[F,S] 2 points 59 minutes ago
Family life is wonderful, I am so blessed to have and share my life with the amazing person who is my
wife. We as yet don’t have any children, but are hoping we will have a family one day.

IAMA 030615 MPc A3Q3 Book

[–]Universu 1 point 53 minutes ago
What is book is you favorite and inspired you writing the the Ghost Boys?

[–]GhostBoyMartin[F,S] 2 points 50 minutes ago
I don’t really have a favorite book. I wrote Ghost Boy because I really wanted to tell my story, partly
for me, but mostly my hope was that sharing my story and experiences would help and make a difference
to others.

IAMA 030615 MPd A4Q4 Movie

[–]Universu 1 point 29 minutes ago
Will there be a Ghost Boy movie and who would you like to act as Martin?

[–]GhostBoyMartin[F,S] 2 points 19 minutes ago
I truly hope that there will be a Ghost Boy movie, that would be incredible! I’m not sure who I would
like to play me. My wife and I have actually had a fun time talking about this. At the moment Joanna
says either Captain America – Chris Evans, or Bradley Cooper, or even Eddie Redmayne. But the favourite
is still Matt Damon – I would be okay with Matt Damon.

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IAMA 030315 PKb Knoefler A1 Q1 Options
IAMA 030315 PKb Knoefler A1 Q1 Options

[–]Universu 1 point 2 hours ago
What other techniques are an alternative to 3-person IVF/mitochondrial transfer?

[–]Prof_Paul_KnoepflerProf. of Cell Biology|UC-Davis|Stem Cell Biology[F,S] 2 points an hour ago
I’m glad you asked about alternatives. That’s an important element here. The main alternative is
pre-implantation genetic diagnosis. Via this technology, many times (but not always), parents can
screen embryos early on and select those that are most likely not to have mitochondrial disease. This
technology itself isn’t perfect, but it is a viable option for many. Another option is adoption or
using a donor egg (the resulting offspring would only be genetically related to the dad), but
understandably, some folks want to have their own “biological” children. Another option is waiting 5
-10 more years for the needed animal studies to teach us more that we need to learn before using this
in humans.

IAMA 030315 PKc Knoefler A2 Q2 Insti
[–]Universu 1 point an hour ago
Presently, how many institutions are able to provide or conduct this procedure?

[–]Prof_Paul_KnoepflerProf. of Cell Biology|UC-Davis|Stem Cell Biology[F,S] 2 points 54 minutes ago
I think only one or a few in the UK will be permitted any time soon.

3-person IVF mitochondrial transfer Reddit AMA -might be the most diverse, respectful dialogue on
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IAMA 022115 VKo A1 Q1 Book
[–]Universu 1 point an hour ago
What is your favorite book?

[–]VikkiKrinsky[F,S] 2 points an hour ago
My favorite book is – I really love A DAY AT EL BULLI. It’s an insight into the ideas and methods by
Ferran Adria. It’s very creative, and challenging. I look at it every day for inspiration.

IAMA 022115 VKp A2 Q2 Centenarian
[–]Universu 1 point an hour ago
Do you have information about the common meal of centenarians?

[–]VikkiKrinsky[F,S] 2 points an hour ago
So Japan has one of the highest concentrations of people who live over 100. And their secret is small
portions, which is something I am avid for with my clients. Small portions, clean meals, a lot of
veggies & fish… and they keep VERY hydrated with tea & water. And that’s a nutshell of what I do
with my clients. Omega 3s are terrific – you find them in fish, nuts and chia seeds. I try to
incorporate those wherever I can in my clients’ meal plans.

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(Tune in at 4pm PST for my @reddit_AMA interview — #RedditAMA #RecipeRehab #PrivateChefLife)

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IAMA 012715 KP LSg Kyra Philips
–]Universu 3 points 4 hours ago
Is there a fertility diet?

[–]KyraPhillips[F,S] 6 points 4 hours ago
Yes, there is and we lay it out in my book. In particular, good fats and bad fats because your BMI
is very important when wanting to conceive.

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IAMA 012715 KP LSp Laurie Segall
[–]Universu 1 point 3 hours ago
Is there are direct link between sex and drugs to the technological innovations being churned out in the valley?

[–]LaurieS1285[F,S] 1 point 3 hours ago
I think there’s a spirit of experimentation in Silicon Valley that doesn’t stop at trying to disrupt education or transportation. People there are also questioning traditional relationship structures and the idea that drugs are bad. The people I interviewed said psychedelics helped with work breakthroughs. I spoke to an engineer at Cisco who says he’ll use LSD and listen to Grateful Dead when he has a really hard problem and can’t solve it. Tim Ferriss said most of the billionaires he knows do hallucinogens for creative purposes. That’s not to say it’s not dangerous and we also don’t know much about scientific proof.

IAMA 012715 KP LSq Laurie Segall
[–]Universu 1 point 2 hours ago
What about Sex and Drugs in the Other Silicon Valleys of Dublin Daejeon Zhongguancun- Europe Asia
China etc?

[–]LaurieS1285[F,S] 2 points 2 hours ago
Let’s see how this does first.

[–]Universu 1 point an hour ago
Well, It will do well:) And may I also ask if the future comes to Silicon Valley Marineris via
Elon? and really What inspire innovations?

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