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IAMA 021315 BB EKc A1 Q1 Master Plan
[–]Universu 4 points 5 hours ago
Is there a Master Plan on the expansion of the White House?

[–]WhiteHouseHistorian[F,S] 3 points 4 hours ago
None that have been published that I know of. There is a master plan for the grounds that was
published in the 1930s. In terms of expanding the house itself there have been proposals brought
forward and they are usually rejected. They want to keep the residential character intact.

IAMA 021315 BB EKd A2 Q2 Location
[–]Universu 3 points 5 hours ago
Who chose the location of the White House and what the rationale for such a choice?

[–]WhiteHouseHistorian[F,S] 3 points 4 hours ago
George Washington. The White House and the Capitol are both situated on hills and they were to be
the two main focal points of the city in the plan of Pierre Charles L’Enfant. This was all done
under George Washington’s direction.

IAMA 021315 BB EKe A3 Q6 Original
[–]Universu 2 points 4 hours ago
Why was the original President’s House in Philadelphia not preserve in its original form?

[–]WhiteHouseHistorian[F,S] 3 points 3 hours ago
There wasn’t really a sense of preservation until the 19th century. Mount Vernon, home of George
Washington, was the first place to be preserved. In 1896 you begin to see a growing interest in
preserving historic buildings, including some of the White House. People also began to study and
replicate the historic buildings.
In modern days the idea of restoration goes back to 1966 and the Historic Preservation Act.

IAMA 021315 BB EKf  A4 Q4 Resolute
[–]KryptonianDog 6 points 5 hours ago
Speaking of Taft’s oversized bathtub, do you have a personal favorite piece of Presidential

[–]WhiteHouseHistorian[F,S] 5 points 4 hours ago
The Resolute Desk. The president’s desk has a long and rich history. It was given to President
Hayes by Queen Victoria and has been used by many of our presidents. FDR added the panel to the
desk that shows the Presidential Seal. This was the panel that you see in the famous JFK Jr.

[–]Universu 1 point 4 hours ago
Is the storyline of the Resolute Desk as told in the film National Treasure all true?

[–]WhiteHouseHistorian[F,S] 3 points 3 hours ago
It is made wood from the HMS Resolute. But there are no secret compartments that I know of.

[–]hskiel4_12 2 points 3 hours ago
But there are no secret compartments that I know of.
Of course.

IAMA 021315 BB EKf  A5 Q7 Architect
[–]Universu 2 points 3 hours ago
Who is the Architect of the White House?

[–]WhiteHouseHistorian[F,S] 3 points 3 hours ago
The architectural services at the White House are typically provided by the Park Service. There
hasn’t been a person with the title of Architect of the White House since Lorenzo Winslow, who
supervised the Truman renovation.

IAMA 021315 BB EKg A6 Q8 Tradition
[–]Universu 2 points 3 hours ago
What is the oldest tradition being observed in the White House?

[–]WhiteHouseHistorian[F,S] 4 points 3 hours ago
Public receptions and dinners have been held at the White House since the time of John Adams. The
first dinner at the White House was held for congressman during December of 1800.

Chief White House Historian Bill Bushong and Senior Research Associate Joel Treese will be holding
a Reddit AMA on February 12.

IAMA 021315 BB EKh A1 Q2 Why Vox
[–]Universu 1 point an hour ago
Why Vox?

[–]myglesiasMATT[F] 2 points an hour ago
Why not?

Want to ask @MattYglesias and me some questions? AMA! (AUA?):

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