Lockheed Martin 032115 OSIRIS RExz8j A1 Q1 Solar Panels


Today’s your chance to ask us, the OSIRIS-REx team, your #asteroid sample return mission
questions using #askNASA!

@OSIRISREx #asteroid BennuSampleReturn #askNASA Why does #MAVEN #OSIRISREx &
#JupiterExoliner have the same bus but different Solar Panels?

.@TierraUniversu #Maven is at Mars, which is further from the sun than OSIRIS-REx at
#Bennu, it needs larger solar panels for req’d power.

Lockheed Martin 032115 OSIRIS RExz8k A2 Q2 Lifespan


Time to #AskNASA! MT @OSIRISREx: learn about the #asteroid sample return mission! 4:30 p.m.
ET, March 20.

@LockheedMartin #asteroid #askNASA What are the Lifespan of @MAVEN2Mars @OSIRISREx & the
#JupiterExoliner and how far can they go?

.@TierraUniversu For OSIRIS-REx, our design lifetime is 7 years. We will travel over 6
billion km roundtrip.

Lockheed Martin 032115 OSIRIS RExz8l A3 Q2 Lifespan

@TierraUniversu @OSIRISREx: #MAVEN has enough fuel to orbit #Mars for another 9 years,
depending on use as a comm. relay vs. science orbit.

Lockheed Martin 032115 OSIRIS RExz8m A4 Q3 Orbit


LIVE NOW! All about @OSIRISREx asteroid sample return mission. #AskNASA for your questions!

@NASAGoddard #asteroid #askNASA What will be the accuracy of orbit characterization using
@OSIRISREx data in comparison to existing data?

.@TierraUniversu We will understand the orbit 100x better than we do currently.

Lockheed Martin 032115 OSIRIS RExz8n A5 Q4 Team

We are part of the team from the OSIRIS-REx mission, the first U.S. #asteroid sample return
mission! #askNASA

@OSIRISREx #askNASA How many are you all working on the #asteroid Bennu Sample Return

.@TierraUniversu Approx. 450 people are working on this mission around the world.

Lockheed Martin 032115 OSIRIS RExz8o Q5 3Years


Our spacecraft launches next September on a seven year mission to bring back a sample of
asteroid #Bennu. #askNASA

@OSIRISREx #asteroid #skNASA What would have been needed to speed up Mission to as low as 3
to 4 years?

Lockheed Martin 032115 OSIRIS RExz8p Q6 Accomplishments


We’re now less than 18 months away from launch and this month, we start assembling our
spacecraft! #askNASA

@OSIRISREx #asteroid #askNASA What is the current percentage of accomplishment for all
components and Instruments? Ahead or with Slippage?