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–]Universu 2 points 41 minutes ago
What is you favorite book?

[–]ToryBruno[F,S] 6 points 27 minutes ago
Once and Future King

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IAMA 031215 TB TTk TT A1 Q1 Book

[–]Universu 7 points 7 hours ago
What is your favorite book?

[–]TiffaniThiessen[F,S] 16 points 7 hours ago
Well, it’s funny, I’m not a traditional book person. My husband reads a ton of books. So we have a
plethora of books. But the books that I read are cookbooks, or books that I’m reading out loud to my

IAMA 031215 TB TTl TT A2 Q2 Chef

[–]Universu 4 points 7 hours ago
Iron Chef, Master Chef, Top Chef and who’s your favorite chef?

[–]TiffaniThiessen[F,S] 8 points 6 hours ago
That’s hard. I would probably have to say, it’s a toss between – that’s so hard, I watch all 3 of ’em!
I watch more TOP CHEF and MASTER CHEF. So it’s probably a toss-up between those 2.

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