IAMA 022815 NNg A2 Q2 Space Internet

[–]Universu 1 point an hour ago
How will NetNeutrality affect the future of OneWeb and the SpaceXGoogle space internet?

[–]PublicKnowledgeDC[F,S] 4 points an hour ago
to the extent that either will qualify as US broadband access service providers (and I’m not sure
either one would), they would be prevented from discriminating just like any other ISP. However, this
is where that “reasonable network management” stuff becomes important. It could be that these
services could impose restrictions on users that other ISPs could not, if those restrictions were
really tied to technological limitations of their network.

IAMA 022815 NNh A1 A4 Q1 Brightline

[–]Universu 2 points an hour ago
It is good news to have the “Bright Line Rules” but how do we get protected further from the “dark

[–]PublicKnowledgeDC[F,S] 4 points an hour ago
Neutrogena? -Chris/PK

[–]PublicKnowledgeDC[F,S] 4 points 45 minutes ago
You must resist the “dark lines” – PK/Brynne

IAMA 022815 NNi A3 Q3 Other Countries

[–]Universu 1 point 45 minutes ago
How is the status of Net Neutrality in other countries?

[–]PublicKnowledgeDC[F,S] 4 points 39 minutes ago
It varies greatly country by country. In hearings and discussions, the EU was often used as the
example however the set up there is not perfect. Further, within the EU there are differences and
some work better then others. PK/Brynne

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