IAMA 022115 VKo A1 Q1 Book

[–]Universu 1 point an hour ago
What is your favorite book?

[–]VikkiKrinsky[F,S] 2 points an hour ago
My favorite book is – I really love A DAY AT EL BULLI. It’s an insight into the ideas and methods by
Ferran Adria. It’s very creative, and challenging. I look at it every day for inspiration.

IAMA 022115 VKp A2 Q2 Centenarian

[–]Universu 1 point an hour ago
Do you have information about the common meal of centenarians?

[–]VikkiKrinsky[F,S] 2 points an hour ago
So Japan has one of the highest concentrations of people who live over 100. And their secret is small
portions, which is something I am avid for with my clients. Small portions, clean meals, a lot of
veggies & fish… and they keep VERY hydrated with tea & water. And that’s a nutshell of what I do
with my clients. Omega 3s are terrific – you find them in fish, nuts and chia seeds. I try to
incorporate those wherever I can in my clients’ meal plans.

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(Tune in at 4pm PST for my @reddit_AMA interview — #RedditAMA #RecipeRehab #PrivateChefLife)

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