IAMA 021215 RGj A1 Q1 Orbit

[–]Universu 10 points 13 hours ago
Will you be in orbit again soon?

[–]RonGaran[F,S] 14 points 13 hours ago
I wish – my NASA days are over. So the only way I’ll get back to space is on a commercial space

[–]Lorben 6 points 13 hours ago
If you had the chance to work for a commercial space company and go back into space, would you?

[–]RonGaran[F,S] 11 points 11 hours ago
I would go back to space in a heartbeat!

IAMA 021215 RGk A2 Q2 Site

[–]Universu 2 points 13 hours ago
What is the most beautiful site on earth as seen from ISS?

[–]RonGaran[F,S] 7 points 13 hours ago
It’s hard to pick one but the Caribbean, Himalayas and the Med stand out for sure

IAMA 021215 RGl A3 Q3 ISS
[–]Universu 2 points 13 hours ago
Was there a plan before to bring back the modules of ISS back on earth again instead of just
deorbiting it?

[–]RonGaran[F,S] 3 points 13 hours ago
Not that I know of.

IAMA 021215 RGm A4 Q4 April 5
[–]Universu 2 points 13 hours ago
Will we see the first US Commercial Crew Vehicle (USCV1) after STS135 flying before April 5, 2017
in order not to surpass the Apollo Soyuz Test Program (ASTP) to STS1 Gap of about 5 years 8 months

[–]RonGaran[F,S] 3 points 12 hours ago
That’s a great question – I wish I had an answer. I hope so…

IAMA 021215 RGn A5 Q5 Overview


[–]Universu 2 points 12 hours ago
With an Orbital Perspective you have gotten the overview effect of internalizing on what is good
for all of us, What should be the number one thing that a person could do to care for this Fragile

[–]RonGaran[F,S] 6 points 12 hours ago
The 1st step to being able to affect real change is to believe that real change is possible. We
need to abandon the doom and gloom mindset and realize that we have within our grasp the capability
to build the future we want. We have the capability to provide the basic needs of every living
thing on this planet. We need to realize that we don’t have to accept the status quo on our planet
– we can change it.

IAMA 021215 RGo A6 Q6 Music
[–]Universu 2 points 12 hours ago
What is the story behind your shuttle music Fly Away and All Because of You?

[–]RonGaran[F,S] 4 points 11 hours ago
Those were the songs that were played as my wakeup music on STS-124. “Fly Away” was picked by my
wife and was played the morning of one of our spacewalks (not really good to sing about flying away
before doing a spacewalk – just kidding I didn’t even make that connection at the time). I picked
“All Because of You” because I really identified with the words of the song in relation to this, my
first space mission.

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