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[–]Universu 1 point an hour ago
What is your favorite book?

[–]AubreyDollar[F,S] 2 points an hour ago
Franny and Zooey is my favorite book of all time. I also love the Harry Potters (I think Goblet of
Fire is my favorite on most days), and Donna Tartt’s “The Goldfinch” was my favorite book this

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[–]Universu 1 point an hour ago
What music do you listen to?

[–]AubreyDollar[F,S] 2 points an hour ago
I really think pandora and generally more to do on the internet has seriously impeded my actively
seeking new music. Or maybe it’s just age. I keep meaning to put some effort into that again. I
mainly listen to Neil Young or Wilco pandora, if I’m being real truthful about it.

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[–]Universu 1 point 55 minutes ago
How did you get your roles in the past and present Creeks?

[–]AubreyDollar[F,S] 2 points 42 minutes ago
Ha! The Creek of Dawson I auditioned for in North Carolina, where I grew up. I really was such a
small part of that show– but I was also kind of a super fan, so I spent most of that summer afraid
to talk to anyone, and also feeling like the luckiest person in the world. Battle Creek I
auditioned for here in LA, and it was probably the simplest most stress-free audition process I’ve
had. It was just relaxing and fun and I did the scene once, and that was it.

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