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[–]Universu 1 point 4 hours ago
Generally, what would happen if a wetland was removed to give way to infrastructure?

[–]Noll_SteinwegResearch Assistant | Alpine Wetland Hydrology[F] 3 points 3 hours ago
You get a shopping mall! When wetlands are filled in to make way for other infrastructure
development (like a highway or parking lot), you loose infrastructure functions the wetland
provided such as pollutant filtration, water storage, and species habitat. Some jurisdictions
require the creation of mitigation wetlands nearby when wetlands are filled in for development.
These new mitigation wetlands may or may not provide similar functions to the filled wetlands.

IAMA 020715 MR DJ AK NHc A2 Q1 Boxer

[–]Universu 2 points 3 hours ago
Who is/are your favorite boxer/s?

[–]RealDannyJacobs[F,S] 3 points 3 hours ago
roy jones sugar ray Leonard and ray robinson

IAMA 020715 MR DJ AK NHd A3 Q2 Boxer
[–]Universu 1 point 2 hours ago
If you were not a boxer, what career would have you taken now?

[–]RealDannyJacobs[F,S] 3 points 2 hours ago
I’ve always been a athletic kid growing up so most likely something with CONTACT 😉

IAMA 020715 MR DJ AK NHe A4 Q1 Bully


[–]Universu 2 points 2 hours ago
What is the best way to deal with a bully?

[–]AllenKurzweil[F,S] 3 points 2 hours ago
It depends who’s doing the dealing. It is a grade-schooler? An office co-worker? A boss? I wouldn’t
presume to present myself as a therapist. That said, I think the battle-cry I brought with me to my
final confrontation–Defend the 10-year-old–has applications in all sorts of situations. Don’t let
yourself be humiliated or hurt (if that’s possible). Find allays who can neutralize the malefactor
causing you grief. Easy advice, I know. Acting upon it is a whole lot tougher. Take my case, I
didn’t screw up the courage to confront Cesar until I was 50!
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