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[–]Universu 13 points 3 hours ago
Patriots or Seahawks?

[–]TheTerryCrews[F,S] 42 points 3 hours ago
I think the Seahawks are gonna win.

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IAMA 013015 TC BGe BG AI
–]beastcoin 2081 points 1 day ago*
How much of an existential threat do you think machine superintelligence will be and do you believe
full end-to-end encryption for all internet acitivity can do anything to protect us from that
threat (eg. the more the machines can’t know, the better)??
Edit: I would just like to point out that second part of my question went unanswered. That would be
a great discussion for us all to have, especially given the myriad of other vulnerabilities
presented by lack of encryption (eg. overzealous government, hackers, etc.).

[–]thisisbillgates[F,S] 3515 points 1 day ago
I am in the camp that is concerned about super intelligence. First the machines will do a lot of
jobs for us and not be super intelligent. That should be positive if we manage it well. A few
decades after that though the intelligence is strong enough to be a concern. I agree with Elon Musk
and some others on this and don’t understand why some people are not concerned.

IAMA 013015 TC BGf BG Agent
Gate AI
[–]Future-Turtle 2411 points 1 day ago*
Hello Mr. Gates,
2015 will mark the 30th anniversary of Microsoft Windows. What do you think the next 30 years holds
in terms of technology? What will personal computing will look like in 2045?

[–]thisisbillgates[F,S] 3196 points 1 day ago
There will be more progress in the next 30 years than ever. Even in the next 10 problems like
vision and speech understanding and translation will be very good. Mechanical robot tasks like
picking fruit or moving a hospital patient will be solved. Once computers/robots get to a level of
capability where seeing and moving is easy for them then they will be used very extensively.
One project I am working on with Microsoft is the Personal Agent which will remember everything and
help you go back and find things and help you pick what things to pay attention to. The idea that
you have to find applications and pick them and they each are trying to tell you what is new is
just not the efficient model – the agent will help solve this. It will work across all your

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IAMA 013015 TC BGg MS Success
[–]Universu 2 points 2 days ago
What is your advice for success?

[–]Molly_Sims[F,S] 6 points 2 days ago
Work hard. Work really, really hard. Don’t give up. If someone says “no” it doesn’t mean it’s over.
And think outside of the box.
You don’t have to be the smartest, or the prettiest… it’s not one thing that makes someone.
Beyonce’s Sasha Fierce – bring out your Sasha Fierce. Bring out your inner self.

IAMA 013015 TC BGh MS Entrepreneur
[–]Universu 2 points 2 days ago
Who is your role model or the person you admire most?

[–]Molly_Sims[F,S] 3 points 2 days ago
In what field?

[–]Universu 2 points 2 days ago
In entrepreneurship!
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[–]Molly_Sims[F,S] 3 points 2 days ago
I think Steve Jobs. He just didn’t give up. Or Oprah. They went against the norm, you know what i

[–]Universu 2 points 2 days ago
Yes! Like doing what nobody has done before them:)

IAMA 013015 TC BGi MS MovieMusic
[–]Universu 2 points 2 days ago
What is your favorite movie and music?

[–]Molly_Sims[F,S] 4 points 2 days ago
Oh my god, I just did this whole thing for Yahoo! today!
I love a little Sugar by Maroon 5, I love a little bit of Blake Shelton.. my favorite movie of all
time? I think I have to say TED, about the little dirty teddy bear, because my husband produced it!
And TED 2 comes out in June – and it’s going to be super-funny. It’s phenomenal.

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