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We’ve actually evaluated various HUD devices (ski goggle-like designs, on-the-helmet projections, etc). I think the end goal would be to have a system that would overlay waypoints, maps, suit status, etc. onto the helmet visor. Think Halo 🙂 This technology is probably a long ways off for space suits, so we’ve excluded it from Z-2. IMM

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Well, we were in our office trying to decide what to call the new suit we were building. My mentor had suits in the “Mark” series. Other heritage prototype suits were called “RX”, “AX”, “Litton”, and more. ‘X’ is often used for ‘exploration’. We wanted a new designation and were throwing out ideas. “What about ‘Z’?” said our intern. We liked it and, hence, the Z-1 was born. Zaida, our intern, was pleased.

The Z suits so far just consist of the pressure garment. The controls on a suit are to control the portable life support system (PLSS), so we don’t have controls. We are working on design for the display and controls right now. We’ve done some preliminary testing with different hardware configurations. Glenn Research Center (GRC) is the lead on that hardware. It will likely be mounted on the chest of the suit, because there really isn’t any other place to put them. In field testing of the suit, we have tried out voice command, arm mounted controls, mouse based systems, soft (fabric) switches and several other concepts. We tell the controls guys that we’ll give the 1 switch because that is all the room we have on the suit. AJR