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Would you do a 1WTC nightime panorama during the anniversary with a shot of the Tribute in Light?

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It was SO incredibly difficult to gain access in the first place, it would be difficult to get up there a second time. That said, anything is possible. It’s a great idea. I had previously discussed this with Mike Franz from Gigapan about this and we both love the idea – BUT we hand’t thought to do it during the Tribute in Light. NICE!

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Thanks. The glow of Arad’s “Reflecting Absence” WTC Footprints at the 911 Memorial and the silhouette of Path Terminal’s Eagle seen from the 1WTC Freedom Tower beacon would be an inspiring sight during the anniversary with the Tribute in Light:-) Appreciative of what you have shared today and in the future.

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https://twitter.com/TIME/status/441947697097211904 Congratulations TIME for the Freedom Tower One WTC Gigapan! Are you planning also to do a Gigapan of the 911 Museum and Path Terminal during their respective inaugurations? Please do so.

I could see the America Eagle preparing to leap for a soaring flight to the beacon of Freedom, a poetic representation of Freedom in Flight! Should we call it the “WTC EAGLE”!

There after Liberty Park, WTC3,2,5 and the Arts Center upon their full completionhttps://twitter.com/TierraUniversu/status/441568257871327232https://twitter.com/TierraUniversu/status/441570836504252416 http://onewtc.comhttp://www.calatrava.info/viewWork.asp?id=30 http://www.panynj.gov/wtcprogress/transportation-hub.htmlhttp://www.panynj.gov/wtcprogress/gallery/photos/hub/new_hub_exterior.jpghttp://www.panynj.gov/wtcprogress/wtc-site-plan.html


Bruce Springsteen got it right when he called his magnificent album of post-9/11 songs The Rising. The title track acknowledges the heartbreaking strangeness of the empty sky above lower Manhattan after the Twin Towers fell. “Sky full of longing and emptiness,” he calls it. But then he sings about the new sky the rising will bring: “Sky of fullness, sky of blessed life.” With the near completion of 1 World Trade, the rising has happened and that sky is back.

With that prospect in mind, last year TIME entered into negotiations with the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey, the regional agency that built the original World Trade Center and likewise owns the new one, to gain exclusive access to the antenna-spire that tops the new tower. Our aim was to take an unprecedented 360-degree interactive image from the topmost point of what is now the tallest building in the western hemisphere.


The Top of America: Find Your View

After months of back and forth, we were granted access. Then TIME partnered with Gigapan, a tech startup based in Portland, Ore. Beginning with crude bar-napkin sketches and eventually moving to mechanical engineers working in AutoCAD and then to welders in Asheville, N.C., an eight-month process of design and construction resulted in a 13-ft.-long aluminum jib calibrated to adhere to the base of the beacon at the top of the tower’s 408-ft. spire. To that rotating arm was attached a Canon 5D Mark II with a 100-mm lens. Over a five-hour span of orbital shooting on Sept. 28, 2013, the camera produced 567 pictures that were then stitched together digitally into a single massive—and zoomable—image of everything the eye can see in all directions. This is how that amazing image came to be.


Libertad Freedom
Inspirar un símbolo para la Libertad An Inspiring Symbol for Freedom

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Today: Join Lightbox’s Twitter chat at 3pm EST w/ photo ed. @jonwoods & @franz2770 of @Gigapan on #1WTC http://time.com/wtc  #AskLightbox

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