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Greetings Dr. Bill Cooke, Mesdames Danielle Moser and Rhiannon Blaauw! I have 10 questions to ask curiously:

  1. What caused the breaking up of Asteroid P/2013 R3? What is it made of? And will it not threaten earth?
  2. What is the present condition of the comet Shoemaker Levy 9 impact zone on Jupiter? Will JUNO image this site?
  3. Why is Europa chosen as the next destination for comprehensive exploration instead of Ganymed, Callisto, Io or Titan?
  4. Will New Horizons encounter meteor risk during its travel to Pluto and the kuiper belt?
  5. How many impacts on the lunar surface had been imaged?
  6. Is there an explanation why Russia seems to be the destination of recent major meteor like Tunguska and Chelyabinsk?
  7. Is it confirmed that ISON is gone or are there still remnants?
  8. Will MRO, Odyssey, Mars Express, MAMEN or MOM be impacted by Comet Siding Spring c/2003A1?
  9. What NASA Mission inspires you most today?
  10. What future missions would you like NASA to pursue?

Thank you for having this IAMA

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Going to take a couple of your questions… 5) We have seen over 300 impacts from meteoroids on the lunar surface. 6) Because of how big it is! Another popular place for large meteors to occur is over the ocean because… well… it is about 2/3 of the surface of Earth. 8) It is possible, and The Meteoroid Environment Office has done work to try to predict this risk but it is hard to say definitely if and which spacecraft will be affected. However, the risk has been decreasing as time has gone by and we have been able to get more accurate understanding of the dust production of comet Siding Spring. It is currently a factor of 20 less than the original calculated risk.


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Thank you very much. Knowing more about the Earth and the Universe is truly wonderful:)