Vacuum chamber

First check with no Sokol

Putting on the Sokol suit

Some instruction on how to best get head through helmet ring

Now pressurized!

Having some fun to kill the time

My custom-made Sokol suit

I got a present!
During pressurized check

Opening the pressure regulator to release pressure at the end of the check.

After our first full-crew sim!

Love your Sokol!
Training session in Soyuz simulator
Soyuz sim

Soyuz sim

Getting out of the Sokol
On the way to the sim with Anton
Putting on com cap
Our Sokol suit after the sim

Folding away with Commander Anton Shkaplerov

AstroSam 021514 SokolR AstroSam 021514 SokolS AstroSam 021514 SokolU AstroSam 021514 SokolV AstroSam 021514 SokolY AstroSam 021514 SokolZ

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