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IAMA 022815 NNg A2 Q2 Space Internet

[–]Universu 1 point an hour ago
How will NetNeutrality affect the future of OneWeb and the SpaceXGoogle space internet?

[–]PublicKnowledgeDC[F,S] 4 points an hour ago
to the extent that either will qualify as US broadband access service providers (and I’m not sure
either one would), they would be prevented from discriminating just like any other ISP. However, this
is where that “reasonable network management” stuff becomes important. It could be that these
services could impose restrictions on users that other ISPs could not, if those restrictions were
really tied to technological limitations of their network.

IAMA 022815 NNh A1 A4 Q1 Brightline

[–]Universu 2 points an hour ago
It is good news to have the “Bright Line Rules” but how do we get protected further from the “dark

[–]PublicKnowledgeDC[F,S] 4 points an hour ago
Neutrogena? -Chris/PK

[–]PublicKnowledgeDC[F,S] 4 points 45 minutes ago
You must resist the “dark lines” – PK/Brynne

IAMA 022815 NNi A3 Q3 Other Countries

[–]Universu 1 point 45 minutes ago
How is the status of Net Neutrality in other countries?

[–]PublicKnowledgeDC[F,S] 4 points 39 minutes ago
It varies greatly country by country. In hearings and discussions, the EU was often used as the
example however the set up there is not perfect. Further, within the EU there are differences and
some work better then others. PK/Brynne

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[–]Universu 3 points 3 hours ago
Would iWoman as in -intelligentWoman and ironWoman- an Astronaut, Professor, Rocket Scientist with a
Doctoral in Aerospace Engineering and whose primary mission is to build a Spherical Orbital Crewed
Exploration Research Stations (SOCERS) orbiting the Moon and Mars, merit a TVSeries?

[–]Lee_Zlotoff[F,S] 6 points 3 hours ago
Sounds good to me! Enter the contest with it and then we’ll all see if that’s the kind of winning
concept we’re looking for. I won’t be judging all the initial entries myself, there’ll be three teams
of folks to do that: H’wood types, engineers, and TV and film academics. Once they’ve chosen the top
12, then I’ll help winnow those lists down to the final twelve contestants and, then work with the
other judges to pick the final five.

IAMA 022715 AG LZn LZ A1 Q1 Book
[–]Universu 3 points 4 hours ago
What is your favorite book?

[–]Lee_Zlotoff[F,S] 5 points 3 hours ago
This is another impossible question to answer. After attending St. John’s college in Annapolis MD.,
where you read and discuss the great books of the western world for all four years, I discovered so
many works that changed my way of thinking, that I came to realize my favorite book could be the next
one that I read! So trying to limit that love of books to one or two was really not a good use of my

IAMA 022715 AG LZo LZ A3 Q5 Actress

[–]Universu 4 points 2 hours ago
Who would be the actress to play Ms. MacGyver if you will be continuing the series today?

[–]Lee_Zlotoff[F,S] 4 points 2 hours ago
Hard to say. Who would you like to see?

[–]hysilvinia 2 points 2 hours ago
Amanda Tapping :)

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IAMA 022715 AG LZc AG A1 Q1 Book

[–]Universu 2 points 5 hours ago
What is your favorite book?

[–]adriangrenierAMA[F,S] 3 points 4 hours ago
White noise by delillo

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Shaping up for my @reddit_AMA tomorrow 2/26 at 12:00 EST. Come egg me on.

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IAMA 022615 NL PSc PS A1A2A3 Q1 Europa TitanIAMA 022615 NL PSd PS A1A2A3 Q1 Europa Titan

[–]Universu 2 points 4 hours ago
Can humans live in Europa or Titan? What habitat would be needed to live there?

[–]BillAdkinsBill Adkins – The Planetary Society[F] 3 points 4 hours ago
Both Europa and Titan would be pretty inhospitable places to visit, much less stay to live. Issues
that would need to be addressed include intense radiation environment, extremely cold temperature,
lack of a source of energy, food, air, etc. Europa may have heat and water below the ice surface, but
getting through the ice would likely be a significant technical challenge. Titan is mostly methane
and ethane atmosphere, so that’d be pretty nasty. At this point, it’s technologically beyond what can
be done…and may remain that way for a long time.

[–]elakdawallaEmily Lakdawalla – The Planetary Society[F] 4 points 4 hours ago
Human exploration of Titan won’t happen anytime soon, but it’s fun to imagine. You could fly on Titan
by flapping your arms with the help of some very small wings, thanks to the dense atmosphere and low
gravity. Here’s one brain-bending thing about human exploration of Titan: like Earth, its atmosphere
is mostly nitrogen. But the next most common gas on Titan is methane, whereas on Earth it’s oxygen.
Human astronauts need oxygen to breathe, and they also need fuel to make machines move. On Earth, we
combust hydrocarbon fuel with the help of an oxygen atmosphere. On Titan, the oxygen that we’d have
to carry to breathe would also be our vehicle fuel, and it would combust with the help of the methane
atmosphere. It would also mean we’d be breathing a highly, highly flammable gas. Yikes.

[–]tsondie21 [score hidden] 3 hours ago
I was of the understanding that the energy needs of our current rockets mean that we are using liquid
oxygen along with rocket fuel as the atmosphere doesn’t have enough oxygen to support the combustion
requirements. Are you saying that on Titan, there would be enough atmospheric methane (or maybe so
little thrust required) as to not require any in-rocket fuel other than oxygen?

[–]elakdawallaEmily Lakdawalla – The Planetary Society[F] [score hidden] 34 minutes ago
Well, I’m not an engineer, so keep that in mind when I say: yes, that’s what I’m saying. If we have
the technology to get humans to Titan, then I’m sure we could take advantage of the 5% methane
atmosphere as a reducer to burn oxygen. We could make the oxygen from Titan’s crust, which is mostly
water ice.

[–]KubrickIsMyCopilot [score hidden] 3 hours ago
They are the most challenging potential habitats for humans, despite how much attention they get
scientifically. Titan’s atmosphere and hydrosphere are a weather hazard that you would have to deal
with constantly, and we don’t know what kind of weird chemistry can cause problems with human-made
technology. Plus it’s colder than colder.
And Europa’s bathed in radiation on the surface you don’t want to deal with, so you got to drill into
the ice even if just to make a habitat, But even then, challenge or trade or transportation with
anywhere else will be expensive because of all the radiation. All you got for you is ice and maybe a
little bit of organic stuff spewed up from below. Callisto is by far the best choice to live around
Jupiter. Very little radiation, either from Jupiter or the Sun or cosmically, because it’s protected
by the Jovian field instead of bombarded by it.

IAMA 022615 NL PSe PS A4 A5 Q2 ConstellationCubesatsIAMA 022615 NL PSf PS A4 A5 Q2 ConstellationCubesats

[–]Universu 3 points 4 hours ago
Why not deploy a constellation of cubesats by the hundredths instead of a single satellite in future
planetary exploration?

[–]BillAdkinsBill Adkins – The Planetary Society[F] [score hidden] 3 hours ago
Good question. Cubesats definitely have a role in planetary exploration exploration, since you can
deploy many and make multiple measurements simultaneously. They’re also relatively cheap. I think
cubesats have come a long way in the last 10-15 years and scientists and engineers are thinking of
novel applications for cubesats. I think cubesats have a very bright future. However, because of
physics, many missions require a large aperture (eg camera, telescope, antenna, etc.) that simply
cannot be done with a cubesat. The sweetspot will be to ahve cubesats working in tandem with larger

[–]jasonrdavis[F] [score hidden] 3 hours ago
CubeSat fleets are certainly a growing area. Planet Labs’ Flock 1 comes to mind
( I think a fleet of interplanetary CubeSats is an interesting idea
that has a lot of potential.
But one thing important to note when discussing the future of CubeSats is that while we’re getting
good at flying CubeSat missions in Earth orbit, we still haven’t applied the technology elsewhere.
And it’s a little harder than you might think.
Take transmission capability, for instance. LightSail’s little radio transmits at about one watt —
that’s on the order of a cell phone. We’ll be able to pick that up at small ground stations in
California and Georgia without (we hope) much of a problem. Now take the Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter.
Its X-band radio transmits at 100 watts, and we still need NASA’s (expensive) Deep Space Network to
pick the signal.
That’s why I’m excited to see projects like Lunar Flashlight and NEA Scout (mentioned above) get off
the ground — they are helping to roll the ball forward, and that’s also what we’re trying to do with

IAMA 022615 NL PSg PS A6 Q3 BudgetIAMA 022615 NL PSh PS A6 Q3 Budget

[–]Universu 3 points 4 hours ago
Could you compare planetary science funding for NASA in relation to ESA Roscosmos, JAXA ISRO and are
there missions most ideal for collaboration in today’s situation?

[–]CaseyDreierCasey Dreier – The Planetary Society[F,S] [score hidden] an hour ago
Generally, it’s much larger than all of those space agencies, and you can tell just by the number of
missions that NASA engages in compared to that of ESA/JAXA/ISRO/etc.
It’s actually quite difficult to do an apples-to-apples comparison of planetary science budgets
between NASA and other space agencies. ESA’s model is to pay for the bulk of the mission but have its
member countries’ space agencies chip in to pay for the rest. NASA’s model is completely different.
But it’s even difficult to compare funding year-to-year within NASA. This is basically due to changes
in internal accounting practices. For example, in 2014, NASA started paying for the Department of
Energy’s Plutonium-238/RTG infrastructure to the tune of about $50 million per year. In 2013,
Planetary got $1.28 billion. In 2014, Planetary ended up with $1.35 billion. That looks like an
increase of $70 million. But $50 million of that extra money isn’t paying for missions, it’s paying
for infrastructure previously supported by the DOE. So the real difference in $20 million. Multiply
that change by 20, and you begin to see the problem of comparing budgets.
Our Planetary Science Funding Chart attempts to do this over the past 10 years. We detail major
differences, but even then, we ignore many of the smaller ones because they’re very hard to track.
Since we only have access to public data, we don’t know exactly how much money every program gets
year to year, and NASA will often change how much detail it provides in its public budget.
A good example of this is the Orion crew capsule. NASA’s public budget request for 2016 call for
1.0858 billion dollars for Orion. This number is followed by eight pages of explanatory language
about the project, including contractors and potential risks. But there is no further breakdown of
that number that I know about.
The same budget requests $1.361 billion for planetary science, followed by fifty-three pages of
explanatory language, and breakdowns of spending on every major project, down to the costs of running
individuals missions, scientific research grants (most of them), and management costs.
And even if you get all the data, NASA often changes how they bookkeep a lot of funding in their
accounts. This makes it hard to know exactly where funding goes over the years. This is not a
coincidence (I should note that this happens for every federal agency, ever—this is not just NASA).
My colleague Jason Callahan has actually made a heroic effort to track planetary science funding (and
other science funding) in NASA over its 50-year history in a consistent way. You can check out his
series of posts about the rise and fall (and rise and fall) of planetary funding, called the
Competition for Dollars.

IAMA 022615 NL PSz2k A7 Q6 Shuttle To CCP

[–]Universu 2 points 10 hours ago
With Endeavor, Discovery and Atlantis being replaced by Orion, Dragon and CST, what will be the next
generation interstellar probes that can overtake the Voyagers?

[–]JasonCallahanJason Callahan – The Planetary Society[F] [score hidden] 3 hours ago
It’s difficult to compare the space shuttles to capsules, since the capabilities are so different.
The two types of craft are designed for very different missions. Dragon currently carries cargo to
the International Space Station like the shuttles once did, but it’s a much smaller vehicle. CST-100
(and a newer version of Dragon) is being developed to carry crew to ISS, but is probably closer to
the Soyuz capsule than the shuttle. Both CST-100 and the Dragon crew capsule will have far more
capability than Soyuz, though. Orion will carry fewer astronauts than the shuttles did, but will be
able to take them beyond low Earth orbit, which was the limit for all shuttle missions.
NASA has never launched an interstellar probe (unless you count space telescopes that peer beyond our
solar system without leaving it). Voyager 1 and 2 have (arguably) left our solar system and are the
first spacecraft to have done so, but they have not reached another star’s system and won’t for a
very, very long time. Pioneer 10 and 11 are also headed out of our solar system, but neither
spacecraft is still transmitting data. The New Horizons craft set to reach Pluto this summer will fly
past the dwarf planet (I still can’t get used to saying that) and may eventually leave the solar
system as well, I think.

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IAMA 022615 NL PSa NL A1 Q1 Book

[–]Universu 2 points 5 hours ago
What is your favorite book?

[–]Nicole_Lapin[F,S] 2 points 5 hours ago
RICH BITCH – haha! And Anna Karenina has always been my favorite book – in fact, a line from Anna
Karenina is the origin of the name of my production company! And the book had a special meaning for
me because it was the place where I first wrote down my first long term goal-sheet. Like i wrote it
in the back of the book because I was so digi (like digital) that I only had a blackberry, iPhone,
iPad, so I just went to the back of the book and wrote down my goals for the very first time.

IAMA 022615 NL PSb NL A2 Q2 Book

[–]Universu 1 point 5 hours ago
What music do you listen to while writing?

[–]Nicole_Lapin[F,S] 2 points 5 hours ago
Rihanna. Or Katy Perry. Like, girl power music!

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IAMA 022115 VKo A1 Q1 Book

[–]Universu 1 point an hour ago
What is your favorite book?

[–]VikkiKrinsky[F,S] 2 points an hour ago
My favorite book is – I really love A DAY AT EL BULLI. It’s an insight into the ideas and methods by
Ferran Adria. It’s very creative, and challenging. I look at it every day for inspiration.

IAMA 022115 VKp A2 Q2 Centenarian

[–]Universu 1 point an hour ago
Do you have information about the common meal of centenarians?

[–]VikkiKrinsky[F,S] 2 points an hour ago
So Japan has one of the highest concentrations of people who live over 100. And their secret is small
portions, which is something I am avid for with my clients. Small portions, clean meals, a lot of
veggies & fish… and they keep VERY hydrated with tea & water. And that’s a nutshell of what I do
with my clients. Omega 3s are terrific – you find them in fish, nuts and chia seeds. I try to
incorporate those wherever I can in my clients’ meal plans.

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(Tune in at 4pm PST for my @reddit_AMA interview — #RedditAMA #RecipeRehab #PrivateChefLife)

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IAMA 022015 TK JHb TK A1 Q2 Book

[–]Universu[??] 1 point 2 hours ago
What is your favorite book?

[–]Thomas_Knoll[F,S] 3 points 2 hours ago
To be honest, I don’t read any Photoshop book. Is this a book in general?
My favorite book is “Surely you’re joking, Mr. Feynman!” by Ralph Leighton and Richard Feynman.

[–]Universu[??] 1 point an hour ago
Yes:) a book in general, I guess Lemon Cream Tea is quite good just like Photoshop:)

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[–]PatientOne1117 6 points 7 hours ago
Dr Hoffman is it true that landing on Mars is a huge challenge because we only have solved landing on
Earth and the moon? Earth gives us thick atmosphere to help descent and the moon gives low gravity.
Mars gives neither.

[–]JeffHoffman[F,S] 13 points 6 hours ago
This is a good introduction into the many reasons why “Mars is hard”. The heating phase of Earth
reentry takes place at around 250,000 feet (~80 km). Mars atmospheric pressure at the surface is
about like Earth pressure at 100,000 feet, so the reentry heating for Mars entry has to be dealt with
by heat shields, just like for Earth. On the Moon, there is no atmosphere, so all braking has to be
propulsive, using rockets. Luckily, as you point out, the Moon’s gravity is only 1/6 the Earth’s, so
this can be done without too huge a rocket engine. On the Earth, once you have slowed down, you can
land with a parachute or with wings (e.g. Shuttle). The atmosphere on Mars is too thin for this, so
you need more propulsive braking, possibly followed by airbags for a small payload.
A serious problem is that Mars is far away, and getting there takes a long time, so astronauts are
exposed to a lot of radiation. This is one of the most serious problems.
Another problem is the cost of getting anything to the surface of Mars. To land one ton on the
surface of Mars, you need to put between ten and fifteen tons of propellant in Earth orbit. This is
why learning to use local Martian resources could make a huge difference in reducing cost.
I am currently working on an experiment called MOXIE, which will go to Mars on the Mars2020 mission.
For the first time, it will demonstrate the production of oxygen using Martian resources
(electrolyzing CO2 in the Mars atmosphere to make oxygen).
I think we could go to Mars right now using brute force techniques like we did with Apollo, but we
don’t have an Apollo budget. Therefore, NASA is trying to support the development of technologies
that will reduce the cost and risk of exploring Mars, such as the MOXIE experiment I just mentioned.

[–]Universu[??] 1 point 12 minutes ago
May MOXIE pave the way for the fuel of Raptor or BE4 on Mars:) Would you name Mars2020 “Acuity”?

Jeff Hoffman’s @reddit_AMA is live! Ask him anything: @reddit @MIT @NASA #SPACE


IAMA 021315 BB EKc A1 Q1 Master Plan

[–]Universu 4 points 5 hours ago
Is there a Master Plan on the expansion of the White House?

[–]WhiteHouseHistorian[F,S] 3 points 4 hours ago
None that have been published that I know of. There is a master plan for the grounds that was
published in the 1930s. In terms of expanding the house itself there have been proposals brought
forward and they are usually rejected. They want to keep the residential character intact.

IAMA 021315 BB EKd A2 Q2 Location

[–]Universu 3 points 5 hours ago
Who chose the location of the White House and what the rationale for such a choice?

[–]WhiteHouseHistorian[F,S] 3 points 4 hours ago
George Washington. The White House and the Capitol are both situated on hills and they were to be
the two main focal points of the city in the plan of Pierre Charles L’Enfant. This was all done
under George Washington’s direction.

IAMA 021315 BB EKe A3 Q6 Original

[–]Universu 2 points 4 hours ago
Why was the original President’s House in Philadelphia not preserve in its original form?

[–]WhiteHouseHistorian[F,S] 3 points 3 hours ago
There wasn’t really a sense of preservation until the 19th century. Mount Vernon, home of George
Washington, was the first place to be preserved. In 1896 you begin to see a growing interest in
preserving historic buildings, including some of the White House. People also began to study and
replicate the historic buildings.
In modern days the idea of restoration goes back to 1966 and the Historic Preservation Act.

IAMA 021315 BB EKf  A4 Q4 Resolute

[–]KryptonianDog 6 points 5 hours ago
Speaking of Taft’s oversized bathtub, do you have a personal favorite piece of Presidential

[–]WhiteHouseHistorian[F,S] 5 points 4 hours ago
The Resolute Desk. The president’s desk has a long and rich history. It was given to President
Hayes by Queen Victoria and has been used by many of our presidents. FDR added the panel to the
desk that shows the Presidential Seal. This was the panel that you see in the famous JFK Jr.

[–]Universu 1 point 4 hours ago
Is the storyline of the Resolute Desk as told in the film National Treasure all true?

[–]WhiteHouseHistorian[F,S] 3 points 3 hours ago
It is made wood from the HMS Resolute. But there are no secret compartments that I know of.

[–]hskiel4_12 2 points 3 hours ago
But there are no secret compartments that I know of.
Of course.

IAMA 021315 BB EKf  A5 Q7 Architect

[–]Universu 2 points 3 hours ago
Who is the Architect of the White House?

[–]WhiteHouseHistorian[F,S] 3 points 3 hours ago
The architectural services at the White House are typically provided by the Park Service. There
hasn’t been a person with the title of Architect of the White House since Lorenzo Winslow, who
supervised the Truman renovation.

IAMA 021315 BB EKg A6 Q8 Tradition

[–]Universu 2 points 3 hours ago
What is the oldest tradition being observed in the White House?

[–]WhiteHouseHistorian[F,S] 4 points 3 hours ago
Public receptions and dinners have been held at the White House since the time of John Adams. The
first dinner at the White House was held for congressman during December of 1800.

Chief White House Historian Bill Bushong and Senior Research Associate Joel Treese will be holding
a Reddit AMA on February 12.

IAMA 021315 BB EKh A1 Q2 Why Vox

[–]Universu 1 point an hour ago
Why Vox?

[–]myglesiasMATT[F] 2 points an hour ago
Why not?

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SpaceX 021215 DSCOVRLaunch3Ok

IAMA 021215 RGj A1 Q1 Orbit

[–]Universu 10 points 13 hours ago
Will you be in orbit again soon?

[–]RonGaran[F,S] 14 points 13 hours ago
I wish – my NASA days are over. So the only way I’ll get back to space is on a commercial space

[–]Lorben 6 points 13 hours ago
If you had the chance to work for a commercial space company and go back into space, would you?

[–]RonGaran[F,S] 11 points 11 hours ago
I would go back to space in a heartbeat!

IAMA 021215 RGk A2 Q2 Site

[–]Universu 2 points 13 hours ago
What is the most beautiful site on earth as seen from ISS?

[–]RonGaran[F,S] 7 points 13 hours ago
It’s hard to pick one but the Caribbean, Himalayas and the Med stand out for sure

IAMA 021215 RGl A3 Q3 ISS

[–]Universu 2 points 13 hours ago
Was there a plan before to bring back the modules of ISS back on earth again instead of just
deorbiting it?

[–]RonGaran[F,S] 3 points 13 hours ago
Not that I know of.

IAMA 021215 RGm A4 Q4 April 5

[–]Universu 2 points 13 hours ago
Will we see the first US Commercial Crew Vehicle (USCV1) after STS135 flying before April 5, 2017
in order not to surpass the Apollo Soyuz Test Program (ASTP) to STS1 Gap of about 5 years 8 months

[–]RonGaran[F,S] 3 points 12 hours ago
That’s a great question – I wish I had an answer. I hope so…

IAMA 021215 RGn A5 Q5 Overview

[–]Universu 2 points 12 hours ago
With an Orbital Perspective you have gotten the overview effect of internalizing on what is good
for all of us, What should be the number one thing that a person could do to care for this Fragile

[–]RonGaran[F,S] 6 points 12 hours ago
The 1st step to being able to affect real change is to believe that real change is possible. We
need to abandon the doom and gloom mindset and realize that we have within our grasp the capability
to build the future we want. We have the capability to provide the basic needs of every living
thing on this planet. We need to realize that we don’t have to accept the status quo on our planet
– we can change it.

IAMA 021215 RGo A6 Q6 Music

[–]Universu 2 points 12 hours ago
What is the story behind your shuttle music Fly Away and All Because of You?

[–]RonGaran[F,S] 4 points 11 hours ago
Those were the songs that were played as my wakeup music on STS-124. “Fly Away” was picked by my
wife and was played the morning of one of our spacewalks (not really good to sing about flying away
before doing a spacewalk – just kidding I didn’t even make that connection at the time). I picked
“All Because of You” because I really identified with the words of the song in relation to this, my
first space mission.

Today @ 2pm EST I’ll be doing a @reddit #AMA about the connection between Earth & Space from the

Starting a @reddit_AMA ​now about the connection between Earth & Space from the #OrbitalPerspective
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Jumping back on a @reddit_AMA from earlier today about connection between Earth & Space from the


IAMA 021015 ADm A1 Q1

[–]Universu 1 point an hour ago
What is your favorite book?

[–]AubreyDollar[F,S] 2 points an hour ago
Franny and Zooey is my favorite book of all time. I also love the Harry Potters (I think Goblet of
Fire is my favorite on most days), and Donna Tartt’s “The Goldfinch” was my favorite book this

IAMA 021015 ADn A2 Q2

[–]Universu 1 point an hour ago
What music do you listen to?

[–]AubreyDollar[F,S] 2 points an hour ago
I really think pandora and generally more to do on the internet has seriously impeded my actively
seeking new music. Or maybe it’s just age. I keep meaning to put some effort into that again. I
mainly listen to Neil Young or Wilco pandora, if I’m being real truthful about it.

IAMA 021015 ADo A3 Q3

[–]Universu 1 point 55 minutes ago
How did you get your roles in the past and present Creeks?

[–]AubreyDollar[F,S] 2 points 42 minutes ago
Ha! The Creek of Dawson I auditioned for in North Carolina, where I grew up. I really was such a
small part of that show– but I was also kind of a super fan, so I spent most of that summer afraid
to talk to anyone, and also feeling like the luckiest person in the world. Battle Creek I
auditioned for here in LA, and it was probably the simplest most stress-free audition process I’ve
had. It was just relaxing and fun and I did the scene once, and that was it.

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